Dec 3, 2016 - Bizarre    No Comments

Are We in a Simulation

Sure we’ve all seen the movie The Matrix but if you want to watch a movie similarly good, then watch The 13th Floor.  But the premise isn’t all that fantastical if you think about it.  There are things in the world that don’t make sense and seem to defy logic.  I’m by no means the first to propose this by-the-way but want to add in one interesting point about it.  Why do we sleep?  Have you ever wondered why we spend over 30% of our existence disconnected from reality?  I intentionally used the word disconnected because my thought is that if we are all in a simulation how do you control the CPU cycles needed to maintain this level of detail?  One way would be to have half of the people “sleeping” for a third of the day cycle.  So back to my original question, why do we sleep? To be honest, if we are in a simulation I’m fine with that.  Unlike Neo in The Matrix I wouldn’t want the pill that woke me up.  What is the expression, ignorance is bliss? :)

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