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Paintball Park

Continuing on with the theme of business ideas, another of my favorites is the paintball town/park.  If you’ve never played paintball it’s extremely fun and a little addicting.  There are some really fun scenarios you can act out on a paintball field from recreating an old civil war battle to protecting the president.

However most of the fields I’ve played on were nothing more than patches of dirt with shanties built on them.  My idea would be to create several themed paintball areas all interconnected.  For instance one of those would be a mock city built out of real cinder block complete with sewer systems.  I went through some army training in one of these mock cities and I can tell you it would be a paintball dream.  The initial cost of construction is also a lot less than a real building because there are no glass in the windows or pictures on the walls.  Instead they are just concrete shells with only floors, walls and stairs.

Another zone or area might include vehicles where you could act out an attempted VIP kidnapping with one side trying to protect and the other trying to take him/her out.

And yet another zone could have an old decommissioned airplane that you would have to take back from hijackers.

The civil war zone might have authentic type cannons that would bellow from time to time to add to the atmosphere.

The list is endless and the best part is that you could simply start off with the town and then build the other zones as needed.  Interestingly enough, you would likely find the local law enforcement agencies renting your facility from time to time to do their own training. :)

Add in some concessions (food, drink, equipment rentals, etc.) and you could have a real fun money maker.  Who wouldn’t want to go to work at a place like this?


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