Nov 6, 2013 - Energy    No Comments

Not Cool, Not Hot, But Just Right

Why is it that home temperatures seem to be at odds with the surrounding weather and most of the time counter intuitively?  Example;  It’s a nice October day here in Arizona it’s about 80 degrees during the day which means the AC runs to keep my house at around 76.  No big deal, but then at night it starts cooling off dramatically and the outside temperature quickly plummets to around 60.  But not my house, instead it starts shedding all of the residual heat it built up from being baked by the sun all day and takes another 4 hours to normalize.

My point is this, why don’t homes have a system where they automatically detect the outside temperature and somehow vent the internal air and replace it with the outside air to bring the temperature either down or up as one desires?  To me this could be as simple as have air transfer points high and low on the structure for air transfer.

On a side but related note, if the ground remains an almost constant fixed temperature why couldn’t we simply sink metal rods deep into the ground and have them come up in the walls of the house?  Wouldn’t these rods at as a natural heating/cooling system of sorts?

Speaking of cooling, everyone knows things under shade are about 10-15 degrees cooler, so why not build giant tarp type shades over homes?  Wouldn’t this in effect cool them down naturally?  Sure it would look funny as heck but not once they got their first electric bill in summer and realized it saved them 20% or more.

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