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Gold Mines of the Future

What if I told you that I know where gold mines are?  Not only that but they are in almost every city, in every country.  Ok, they aren’t exactly gold mines yet but they will be in the not so distant future.

The future I’m speaking of is one where resources on the planet are all but exhausted.  We all know that we can not continue to use metals, plastics, etc. and then throw them away without some day those resources literally being depleted.  Sure we have recycling programs but those are only scratching the surface.

So this is where the gold mines come from.  They are the byproducts of looting of the worlds resources, and they are what we call garbage dumps.

That’s right, in the future I predict that we will be forced to open up these vast areas and mine out the resources.  Of course doing so might also expose us to serious hazardous materials that were dumped there as well, but the need for resources will make this a necessity.

I will go a step further and predict that around the same time, we will not have the luxury of having multiple items in our homes.  EVERYTHING will be monitored and controlled.  Take for instance cups.  You might have 30 in your cupboards now, but in the future you will only be allowed to own one per person and those will have a bar code for tracking.  Say you drop it?  Now you would just throw it away.  In the future you will throw away almost nothing.  Instead you will be forced to turn it in for a new one.  Paper napkins, plastic water bottles, all a thing of the past.  In the future you will likely see garbage cans completely eliminated as we are forced to reuse 100% of our resources.

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