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Life by Design

I was thinking about something I had read in the past that said people with certain blood types actually react differently to certain food types based on their blood type .  For instance (making this up) a person with AB+ might do best eating carbohydrates and sugar, where another person with O+ might do best eating protein and fats.  It sounds laughable, but I clearly remember doing a quick survey of my friends and that darned book was fairly accurate.

So this got me to thinking, we know people are different in other ways too.  For instance, girls are emotionally driven, where guys tend to be visual.  Now some will argue this is environmental and I will concede that’s true to some degree, but there’s no mistaking that to a large extent we are who we are because it’s programmed in our DNA to be predisposed to like certain things in such a way and to perceive things in our own light as it were.

Herein is the heart of what I see as the next step in our life by design.  Some things can be garnered based on gender, age, race, etc and those would be easy to gather, but to get deeper they would have to look at your genetic makeup.  Even today, with our current level of technology, this concept isn’t to far fetched.

This concept comes down to precision.  Today we take SWAGs (Scientific Wild Ass Guesses) for just about everything in our world.  In the future the tolerances for everyday things will be much more exact.

So in the future you have a card you carry that has all of this accumulated information and that would represent the real you.  Imagine you walk into a pharmacy and a headache medicine is custom tailored for you right on the spot.  You go to a restaurant and the food is created so that it is perfect (for you) every time.  Shopping would mostly be done online and the few major retailers would show you things they know you will like and then custom make things so they compliment the deeper you.


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