Nov 7, 2013 - Medical    No Comments

Liquid Healing

Watched a movie last night where a guy is stabbed and it got me to thinking, why couldn’t we create a substance that you could literally pour onto a puncture wound to not only seal it but do rudimentary repairs as well?  So the sealing part is simple enough, heck with enough superglue you could close just about any wound, but that’s not what I’m proposing.  Instead create a solution with an intelligent matrix that would seek out the disconnected tissue/organs and pull them back together.  Okay saying that sounds nuts but think about it for a second.  Everything in the body has a unique structure.  Kidneys are kidneys not just because of their shape but because of a certain structure on a molecular level.  Why couldn’t a compound be created that could flow into a wound and do simple repairs?

If nothing else how about something that would stop the flow of blood.  Now there’s a nice segue, maybe the short term answer isn’t to fix the damage but to simply stop the blood loss.  The substance in question could simply react with the blood and cause it to instantly coagulate.  Of course how do you stop it from simply coagulating ALL of the blood in your system?  What would make it stop right inside of the broken/damaged vessels?  Maybe the bodies own reaction to such damage could be the inhibitor.  The body tries to do essentially the same thing right?  Blood vessel is damaged so it moves to close it off if possible.  Our wonder sludge could simply trigger on that process and halt stoppage where and when the body directs it.  Of course the next request/requirement would be a substance or device that could quickly reverse the effects.  So a doctor for instance could simply move around the damaged area and undo the fix as needed, then repair that portion and move on to the next.


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