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Smart Laser for Shooting

I woke up the other day and this idea was the driving force behind me creating this website.  That and the fact that I have a thousand little ideas cluttering the limited space between my ears.  Hopefully writing them down will help clear out the cobwebs in my mind.

We have lasers that can tell us the distance to a target but to me that seems incredibly limited given modern technology.  Why not a laser beam combined with a small built-in computer that can calculate all of the other variables that go into a successful first hit?  Here are the things this hypothetical scope could do:

  •  Calculate wind speed the entire distance of the projectile.  It’s one thing to have a wind measurement at the location of the rifle but quite another to contemplate the whole distance.  So how to do this?  My thought is to have maybe multiple beams (4-6) in very close proximity to the others.  The center beam would likely not be a beam at all but some sort of other invisible projection that would be susceptible to wind and those the change in position could be registered by the other beams.
  • The multiple beams hitting the target could measure speed, direction, etc.
  • All of the extra data would be calculated by the scope and a red dot would be placed on the target when the elevation and lead were appropriate for a first shot hit.
  • As a bonus if you could somehow “paint” the target with a fluorescence that other scopes could pickup then you could literally paint codes on them that would identify different targets for each shooter.  This would allow multiple first shot kills simultaneously.


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